Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snow Day!!!

2010 has been an exciting year in Tyler, Texas....at least as the weather is concerned! It has snowed three times so far this year but on Friday, February 12, we got 6 inches of snow!!!

I've attached some pics of the day. It was so beautiful! My girls didn't really think so!

This is the view of the front of our house from the driveway. I was on my way to work and didn't want to get out of the car! :)

The footprints picture is Eddie's footprints. He had to be at work that morning at 7am. I took the picture to remember how deep the snow was.

Hallie was SO not impressed with the snow. It made her chest and belly wet, lol!

I do have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the snow! Eddie...not so much! It was just nice to see it for a change since we do so rarely.

Until next time.....

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