Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christmas is coming.....


WOW….time is flying by! How is your shopping going? Ours is going well. We’ve picked up several things here and there that we’ve seen or that has been on sale. We went to Dallas last weekend and were able to get several gifts there.

I’m also trying to make several handmade gifts this year. I’ll post pics as I make them. We are so busy between now and the end of the year that I’m going to have to pick a craft day and focus on working on gifts then otherwise time will get away from me and I’ll be up all night on Christmas Eve, lol!

Things with us have been good, except for being sick. No, we haven’t had the flu but it hasn’t been fun just having a head cold either.

Just wanted to check in…once again it’s been a while. I keep saying that I’m going to better and then just get busy and distracted. I’m working on it though.

Until next time,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We've been busy!!!

Eddie decided on a whim the other day to rip up the tile in our half bath. Granted it was just sticky tile that had been laid on top of linoleum but it turned out to be quite the task.

We seemed to like the tile when we moved in almost two years ago, but then I guess it began to lose it's "stick." It began to shift and get dirt and yucky stuff between the tiles and it just grossed us out. So I guess Eddie got tired enough to tackle the project this last Saturday.

I've attached several pics for your viewing pleasures, lol!

The first picture is one of the tiles up close. You can tell how the one on the top of the image has slid a bit. We really liked the color of the tile when we first moved in but the gross factor took over!

The above picture is Eddie fast at work. He did a great job and completed the entire job in one afternoon!

This is the finished product. The linoleum isn't too bad and really brightens the room up. It will definitely work until we have the time and money to tackle the entire bathroom. We want to change up quite a bit in here but it's going to be a while!

Until next time,


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catching up....again!

I know, I know....I say that I will get better about this. We have had SO much going on here lately. I rarely get any down time.

Eddie's dad had some heart trouble and had to have a cath put in. We've had lots of car problems here fun! We moved into our new studio and have had a couple of jobs since then.

The highlight of my week this week, so far, has been the 33 Miles concert at my church....AMAZING!! Several girls from my bible study went and it was a great concert! Had an amazing time surrounded by God's children and being able to worship freely is such a blessing in my life.

Not much else to say. We have a busy rest of the week and a busy weekend planned but I'll be back soon.

Until then,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OH my goodness......

I have missed blogging SO much!!!

It's so sad to say but my New Year's resolution was to stay in touch with friends more and to blog as much as possible. Well it's almost August so we can tell from that I haven't kept up to good with the blog.

A quick catch up:

Eddie and I are doing great! His photography business has really taken off and is definitely keeping us on our toes.

We have gotten very involved in a wonderful new Sunday School group and have developed some very deep friendships which I treasure.

The dogs are doing great, just growing! They are so funny and bring so much joy to our lives. We find that we want to be at home more just to spend time with them. They make us laugh all the time.

As you can (if you previously followed my blog) I'm not an active Stampin' Up demonstrator anymore. I decided, after much thought, that I wanted to support my husband and devote my time and all of our extra funds in order for the photography business to prosper.

I'm sure that much more has happened in the last 8 months since I've posted and hopefully I can touch on them as I remember.

Until then,