Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We've been busy!!!

Eddie decided on a whim the other day to rip up the tile in our half bath. Granted it was just sticky tile that had been laid on top of linoleum but it turned out to be quite the task.

We seemed to like the tile when we moved in almost two years ago, but then I guess it began to lose it's "stick." It began to shift and get dirt and yucky stuff between the tiles and it just grossed us out. So I guess Eddie got tired enough to tackle the project this last Saturday.

I've attached several pics for your viewing pleasures, lol!

The first picture is one of the tiles up close. You can tell how the one on the top of the image has slid a bit. We really liked the color of the tile when we first moved in but the gross factor took over!

The above picture is Eddie fast at work. He did a great job and completed the entire job in one afternoon!

This is the finished product. The linoleum isn't too bad and really brightens the room up. It will definitely work until we have the time and money to tackle the entire bathroom. We want to change up quite a bit in here but it's going to be a while!

Until next time,


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