Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OH my goodness......

I have missed blogging SO much!!!

It's so sad to say but my New Year's resolution was to stay in touch with friends more and to blog as much as possible. Well it's almost August so we can tell from that I haven't kept up to good with the blog.

A quick catch up:

Eddie and I are doing great! His photography business has really taken off and is definitely keeping us on our toes.

We have gotten very involved in a wonderful new Sunday School group and have developed some very deep friendships which I treasure.

The dogs are doing great, just growing! They are so funny and bring so much joy to our lives. We find that we want to be at home more just to spend time with them. They make us laugh all the time.

As you can (if you previously followed my blog) I'm not an active Stampin' Up demonstrator anymore. I decided, after much thought, that I wanted to support my husband and devote my time and all of our extra funds in order for the photography business to prosper.

I'm sure that much more has happened in the last 8 months since I've posted and hopefully I can touch on them as I remember.

Until then,

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