Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So much to little time!

I feel like the older the I get the much more I feel like I need more than 24 hours in my day. I have such good intentions to keep this blog up but I feel like it is the one thing that I struggle with the most.

We truly have had so much going but I get tired of not having down time. Eddie was on a mission trip to Colorado two weeks ago and I had all kinds of projects planned for myself such as organizing my craft room, organizing my recipes, and reading a good book. Well that week came and went and honestly I'm not sure if I accomplished anything while he was gone.

With that said, we have painted our bedroom and master bath. We still need to paint the trim and add crown molding. We had a gentleman out yesterday to give us a quote on adding a portico and small gable to the front of our house and we have some landscaping that we are in the middle of. Do you think we need anything else on our plates right now?!?! What can I with us is never boring! If we have spare time it is dangerous.

I promise that pictures will come soon because I am so proud of our accomplishments...I just need the time to do it!

Until then,

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